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Are you Feeling LOST with your FINANCES & You Are

Looking to Discover A Better Way?

Do you feel like you are earning a GOOD INCOME, but still

Feeling LOST with your FINANCES &

You're Looking to Discover A Better Way?

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AusInvest helps everyday Australians build long-term wealth through low-risk investment and customised strategies that work.

There's no one size fits all, as everyone has their own unique financial circumstance and goals they wish to achieve. Hundreds of our successful clients have built with multi-million dollar portfolios, having us hold their hand, mentor and guide them throughout their entire process, however they have all started with an initial consultation, followed by a personalised strategy session.

Book a meting with us and let's start.


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a chance to meet-and-greet with one of our experienced business development team, either by phone, zoom or in the comfort of your own home. We begin the process of personal assessment of your current circumstance as well as identify current financial position; including budgets and cashflow, retirement debt reduction and wealth creation strategies. The next step is to arrange an appointment with qualified and senior advisors in our office.


Strategy Session

One of the most important factors that determines your success is having a road-map or plan. This starts with breaking down your current financial position to understand what financial foundation you are building on.

Next is understanding your current and future goals. Now the finance expert really 'dives deep' into your finances: Is your income adequate, How much tax do you pay? How can you reduce your home mortgage? What is your buying capacity? What options do you have in regards to a self-managed super fund. Investment Analysis breakdown and explanation. This enables the team to identify the right options for you to move forward for long-term success and get you started on the next steps.


Implementation Process

You have now met with your team of professional advisors. You understand the starting point, the strategy is complete and your path forward is clear. Now that you have agreed to take the next steps, it's implementation stage:

  1. your finance expert will start to investigate funding options and liase with you to initiate funding arrangements;
  2. your financial planners will start to put together a statement of advice (SOA); and
  3. the property acquisitions team get started on short-listing properties for you.

Property Presentation & Selection

The property acquisitions team have shortlisted a number of 'hand-picked' properties, which are presented to you for your consideration. We explain the benefits of each property, why it was chosen, go through the investment analysis breakdown and explain all the details to you. We subscribe and have access to professional property data which we give you all the suburb data, investment class statistics and explain how to understand this data. We do all the work for you


Support & Concierge

We introduce you to a variety of industry licensed and qualified professionals such as property lawyers to facilitate a property conveyancing and quantity surveyors for ATO compliant tax depreciation reports.

Our team of senior qualified property managers will fully manage the property on your behalf, to ensure the property is tented and prospective tenants are qualified and only platinum tenants chosen.

Our concierge team is side-by-side with you to look after you at ever step of the process, including being your calendar reminder, co-ordinate and administer all your required services.


Annual Reviews

The key to a successful investment property portfolio is to keep your 'fingers on the pulse' through continual reviews and measuring performance. Annually we invite you to book a review with us where we measure the property portfolio performance against projections. This is a great time to review interest rates, market updates and set short-terms goals. When performance is measured, performance improves. We then Celebrate your Success together.


Never owned investment property....

Now can't stop us..

"Everything presented to us was brilliant!

Don't hesitate... Do it!

Adrian C



Did you know that most Australians work a minimum of two days a week just for the Government?

That's every Monday and Tuesday just for the Government. Working harder and longer is not the answer. There is only limited hours in the day, so there is a limited amount of money that you can make.

Most Australians are paying over 35% of their household income to their mortgage.

The rich use strategies and methods in order to pay off their mortgages fast... We show you how too.

Only 25% of Australians retiring today have enough to retire comfortably.

Most people work hard all their lives only to retire on Government welfare. The question that face most Australians is will I be able to live or merely survive .

What You Will Learn in the FREE Discovery Consultation

WHERE Are you now?

WHERE Are you now?

How do you get there?



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